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Video Presentation:
Game Playing in Negotiation and Mediation
Machiavelli’s Place At the Table

My thanks to the American Bar Association Section for Dispute Resolution for permission to post these videos.

While often dismissed as disingenuous, irrational, or “Machiavellian,” game playing strategies and devices are a natural and necessary part of the negotiation and mediation of difficult issues and controversies. The behavior offers participants protection and provides a lubricant for collaboration which can allow difficult issues to be managed constructively and creatively. This interactive workshop will offer an inventory of common strategies and devices, their applications, benefits, risks, and ethical limits. 


Game Playing in Negotiation: Part 2, An Inventory of Strategies and Devices­­­ 2.1 Overview and Organizational Approach

Game Playing in Negotiation: Part 1, Evolutionary Purpose and Necessity­­­Machiavelli's Place At the Table

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