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Benjamin has provided training to more than 7,500 people, most of whom have given his training programs exceptionally good reviews. Below is a brief sampling of comments from former course participants and colleagues.

"No one is better suited to teach the principles of mediation. Robert Benjamin's background as a practitioner, as an attorney, and as a mental health professional give his presentations great depth. His personality and communication skills make the sessions thought-provoking and are infused with humor and energy."
David L. Lieberth, Attorney and Mediator, Akron, Ohio

"Since 1995 Robert D. Benjamin has served as Adjunct Professor of Mediation for Indiana State University. His mediation training workshops are incorporated as a central part of the graduate-level Conflict Resolution Program offered through the Department of Sociology. Mr. Benjamin has been given this role because we believe that he personifies exellence in mediation. He has outstanding skill as a professional mediator, is theoretically sophisticated, and is an extremely effective teacher."
James A. Schellenberg, Coordinator,
Conflict Resolution Program, Indiana State University
Terre Haute, Indiana

"I have taken both Robert's domestic and civil/commercial training. The skills and information offered in these programs have been invaluable in my mediation and law practice. Spending five days with Robert is one of the more intense and valuable learning experiences that I have encountered."
Hayden Lait, Attorney-Mediator, Memphis, Tennessee

"This course is one of the most thorough, intense, and valuable learning experiences I have encountered. I highly recommend it."
Betsy Anne Stewart, J.D., Attorney, Kansas City, Missouri

"When anyone asks me about mediation training, the first person I tell them about is Robert Benjamin. His workshops and trainings are fast-paced, intelligently prepared, and information driven. Robert draws from his vast experiences in social work, law, and mediation, and combines the disciplines in a unique and ethical manner, helping the participant to understand the lines of demarcation between the three. There is no excuse for not being able to practice mediation after completing one of his training sessions. The participant will leave with the information and skills he/she will need to work in the field immediately. I think Robert is absolutely the best."
Frances D. Still, ACSW, LCSW, Mediator
Resolutions Mediation Services, Fort Smith, Arkansas

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